We are here to work with you. If you have an idea for launching a new product, digital or traditional, our students and faculty are here to assist you. The first step of our service is to learn more about your idea and goals; our team of experts will then work with you to focus on accessibility, inclusiveness, and users.

Faculty Learning

Inclusive Technology Hub

Training faculty and staff in culturally responsive pedagogy, providing HSIs with instructional materials and best practices on
teaching inclusion and accessibility.


When you begin with accessibility, it’s a true starting point. Yes, the journey is a little more difficult, but once you ensure that all your customers are truly satisfied, they become your ambassadors.

Students and Instructor<br />
Designers thinking about user experience

User Experience

Our team of students and faculty will work with you to identify your core customers and ensure they are served with your best interests. Customers are your center of attention.

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