Founded with support from the Global HSI Equity Innovation Hub, a11y+ is a student enterprise consisting of students and faculty from computer science, visual design, engineering, and other areas for advancing digital accessibility. a11y+ provides teaching and training to students and prepares them for technology and design careers. Incorporating learn-by-doing models, students and faculty will work together to not only research the further improvement of accessibility but also to provide services to both on-campus and off-campus organizations in order to ensure a seamless experience for everyone in our community.

Services & Projects

We are here to work with you. If you have an idea for launching a new product, digital or traditional, our students and faculty are here to assist you. The first step of our service is to learn more about your idea and goals; our team of experts will then work with you to focus on accessibility, inclusiveness, and users.


We have regularly scheduled events, so anyone interested in learning about accessibility can stop by the lab and learn.

Tech Inclusiveness Summit

Tech Inclusiveness Summit

Join us on May 12, 2023 for an enriching summit experience as we discuss Leadership & Professional Growth, Allyship & Culture, Emerging Industry Trends, The Future of Work, and more.

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Teach Access | Session 4

Teach Access | Session 4

DEI Pedagogies; discuss and share plans to implement this into your course and ideas on how to continue advocating within your networks.

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Have an Event in Mind?

We encourage researchers to share ideas. Please submit your ideas here for consideration.


Give & Support

Without community support, we would not be able to provide learning opportunities for students.

Please contact us if you are considering a donation toward our students’ success. You may use the following form to invest in the future of our students.

On behalf of all our students, we thank you.